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Saturday, 22 January 2011

System Failure

Thursday afternoon 15 year old Kasey Gordon was stabbed to death yards from his school gate by a mental patient and apparently the school had security guards to protect the children and they were inside the school having a meeting when it happened. kmt
According to reports Kasey was a model student with the potential to go to University.
Now this extremely sad incident raises a lot of questions, err....why the hell were the guards inside the damn school at 3.45??? why was this man allowed to roam the streets??
This is a major failure on all levels and who is gonna take the blame for it? the school, the Nhs, the government?? probably nobody as per usual.
The story is that this man was pestering a young female pupil so Kasey and 3 other boys confronted the guy, who responded by stabbing them, killing Kasey and injuring the other 3.
This guy was known to be hanging around the school and pestering female pupils, so why was nothing done before? Is there such a lack of concern for our youth that men can do that kind of shit and everybody turns a blind eye? If it was a private school an injunction would have slapped on that guy quicker than the speed of light!!!
And I don't understand why the guards weren't doing their job 15 minutes after school finished. any Londoner with half a brain could tell you that secondary school students love to hang about after school.
Incidents like this have happened time and time again with mental patients being let out of the hospital, left to deal with their issues with no support and it usually ends up with some innocent citizen being harmed. So what do we have to be scared to walk the streets??
My nan always says that there are more crazy people walking the street than in the hospital and she's right. the government need to hang their heads in shame. I mean, when is it gonna end???
Anyway, my heart goes out to all the friends and family of Kasey Gordon and I just hope something changes.

R.I.P Kasey Gordon x

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