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Monday, 17 January 2011

Droppin bags on em!!!

Ive neglected you and its been far to long, forgive me but things have been on my mind. :(
Anyway, I have a friend who is very dear to me and we had a huge argument just before New Years(me shouting down my phone ON THE STREET lol), that was dead, (as in just finished, if you see me dont chat to me kinda thing, not kiss & make-up) then..........yesterday it gets revived through something completely unrelated to our initial argument. so last night i was txting her to cuss, she phoned me to cuss, dead. then this morning she starts txting me again, then i txt her, all on a completely childish level cussing back and forth like 15 year old's. lol and to be honest the kind of bullshit we were both coming out with was so dumb its shameful to repeat any of it and I wont. It was straight up hood rattish and now I can see that. lmao
Anyway, after going back and forth for hours SHE took the higher ground and started to act her age, I then followed suit and we eventually sorted it out.
A lot of nasty things were said by both of us, violence was threatened,  we went waaaaaay out there, we drew for each others weak spots and it wasn't a great experience overall but I must say that it was a learning experience and a half, I learnt too much to even list here. lol
I cant just get so angry that im not even thinking about how im acting or what im saying, getting pulled into a game of tit for tat, im better than that, and I have to take more care of what I say, how I say things and when I say things. I mean its not always appropriate is it??? Sometimes I can just shut up and let my mouth rest, especially when the issue to start with isn't a big deal anyway :O or just for a change, I dont have to always have something to say.
When you get into an argument with someone you really care for its more intense, especially when neither of you are really listening, your both being so stubborn it just gets worse and worse cos you both wanna  sort it out and talk again but neither of you wants to be the bigger person. I also think one of the main problems as well is that me and my friend are both Gemini's and boy can we be self righteous, stubborn and plain disrespectful when we feel like we've been wronged..
This whole thing has been a hell of a ride, im just glad im off, me and my girl were like two possessed pitbulls in a cage it was a maaaaaadnesss, I feel sorry for our boyfriends who had to deal with us at the time. :s
Its astounding how people can act when they're unconscious, fast asleep. lol
So, its in the past now, were both feeling much more happier, brighter and lighter now we've dropped those pointless bags we were carrying around and its just another lesson of life, you should try letting go of a bag or two, it feels amazing x

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