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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Islamabad's first ever Fashion week

Islamabad, Pakistan had its first ever Fashion week Jan 27-30 11 and it showed the western world that despite being an Islamic country it can hold its own with the fashion heavyweights.
Fusing Asian, African and Western elements the designers featured proved to the world that they have the ability to bring modesty and style together in a way that updates the traditional dress of Islamic females. Gone were the dark colours, unflattering cuts and covered heads and in their place were beautiful dresses for the modern Pakistani woman of today. flowing, fitted, bejewelled. stylish & chic, a lot of the creations wouldn't be look out of place on a Hollywood catwalk.
Some of the top designers showcasing were: Nilofer Shahid, Sadaf Malaterre, Ammar Belal, House of Kaniar Rokni, Faiza Samee, HSY, Shafaq Habeeb, Envouge, & Sana Safinaz.
I say it's a step forward for a country viewed by westerner's as a troubled region. Gwaaan Islamabad!!!

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  1. I love watching shows based on high fashion, but I don't have fashion sense to save my life! If it fits and it's clean...its getting worn whether it matches or not lol I always look like I got dressed in the dark because I didn't pay the light bill ;)