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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My 1st uncommissioned street art!!!!!!! so excited

Ok so you could call  me crazy or weird if you feel, your choice lol. but hey!!! :)
Anywaaaay, I LOVE creativity in all forms, im the kind of person that notices everything about everything, lol.My cousin calls me a voyeur, ermm....bit of a exaggeration but she would beg to differ. :O When i go out I notice any graff or street art and then ensues a pause whilst I must get my camera (which i left at my friends hse on the weekend, must get it, I miss her x) out and document it for my files. yes Hmmmmmm.............

So my fabulous cuz gets me this sick book on uncommissioned street art for Xmas yeah, and the book is so inspiring im like "Wow, fuck that im doing my own" so i do just that :p hehe.
I consider myself a Creative, (you can put me in any box that makes you comfortable, its cool) and when I see any graff or street art it really brightens up my day, it makes me feel like "someone actually went out their way to do that for us to enjoy" so I wanted to make someones day :)

So heres my baby. Its black foam stuff?? lol with purple hand painted letters then the hearts cut out of pink foam stuff?? and  sewed on by hand and little kisses sewn on by hand. also L11 logo (my tag lol) sewn by hand. took me about an hour in all. anyway so yh
So late at night in a secret location, (holla if you see it!!!!) I hand sewed this badboy to a lamp post. yes i really did cos im crazy like that, anyway final result. pics are not too good :( had to take them on my phone godammit. camera was on the lend blah blah, enough!!!!

VOILA >>>>>>>>>>>>

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