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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Islamabad's first ever Fashion week

Islamabad, Pakistan had its first ever Fashion week Jan 27-30 11 and it showed the western world that despite being an Islamic country it can hold its own with the fashion heavyweights.
Fusing Asian, African and Western elements the designers featured proved to the world that they have the ability to bring modesty and style together in a way that updates the traditional dress of Islamic females. Gone were the dark colours, unflattering cuts and covered heads and in their place were beautiful dresses for the modern Pakistani woman of today. flowing, fitted, bejewelled. stylish & chic, a lot of the creations wouldn't be look out of place on a Hollywood catwalk.
Some of the top designers showcasing were: Nilofer Shahid, Sadaf Malaterre, Ammar Belal, House of Kaniar Rokni, Faiza Samee, HSY, Shafaq Habeeb, Envouge, & Sana Safinaz.
I say it's a step forward for a country viewed by westerner's as a troubled region. Gwaaan Islamabad!!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

System Failure

Thursday afternoon 15 year old Kasey Gordon was stabbed to death yards from his school gate by a mental patient and apparently the school had security guards to protect the children and they were inside the school having a meeting when it happened. kmt
According to reports Kasey was a model student with the potential to go to University.
Now this extremely sad incident raises a lot of questions, err....why the hell were the guards inside the damn school at 3.45??? why was this man allowed to roam the streets??
This is a major failure on all levels and who is gonna take the blame for it? the school, the Nhs, the government?? probably nobody as per usual.
The story is that this man was pestering a young female pupil so Kasey and 3 other boys confronted the guy, who responded by stabbing them, killing Kasey and injuring the other 3.
This guy was known to be hanging around the school and pestering female pupils, so why was nothing done before? Is there such a lack of concern for our youth that men can do that kind of shit and everybody turns a blind eye? If it was a private school an injunction would have slapped on that guy quicker than the speed of light!!!
And I don't understand why the guards weren't doing their job 15 minutes after school finished. any Londoner with half a brain could tell you that secondary school students love to hang about after school.
Incidents like this have happened time and time again with mental patients being let out of the hospital, left to deal with their issues with no support and it usually ends up with some innocent citizen being harmed. So what do we have to be scared to walk the streets??
My nan always says that there are more crazy people walking the street than in the hospital and she's right. the government need to hang their heads in shame. I mean, when is it gonna end???
Anyway, my heart goes out to all the friends and family of Kasey Gordon and I just hope something changes.

R.I.P Kasey Gordon x

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kaws of Kaws!!!!!!

                                                     Pic from Kaws Facebook page.

Street artist Kaws has been commissioned by Standard Hotels to design this cool lightbulb. Sick!!!! I want one for my flat.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My 1st uncommissioned street art!!!!!!! so excited

Ok so you could call  me crazy or weird if you feel, your choice lol. but hey!!! :)
Anywaaaay, I LOVE creativity in all forms, im the kind of person that notices everything about everything, lol.My cousin calls me a voyeur, ermm....bit of a exaggeration but she would beg to differ. :O When i go out I notice any graff or street art and then ensues a pause whilst I must get my camera (which i left at my friends hse on the weekend, must get it, I miss her x) out and document it for my files. yes Hmmmmmm.............

So my fabulous cuz gets me this sick book on uncommissioned street art for Xmas yeah, and the book is so inspiring im like "Wow, fuck that im doing my own" so i do just that :p hehe.
I consider myself a Creative, (you can put me in any box that makes you comfortable, its cool) and when I see any graff or street art it really brightens up my day, it makes me feel like "someone actually went out their way to do that for us to enjoy" so I wanted to make someones day :)

So heres my baby. Its black foam stuff?? lol with purple hand painted letters then the hearts cut out of pink foam stuff?? and  sewed on by hand and little kisses sewn on by hand. also L11 logo (my tag lol) sewn by hand. took me about an hour in all. anyway so yh
So late at night in a secret location, (holla if you see it!!!!) I hand sewed this badboy to a lamp post. yes i really did cos im crazy like that, anyway final result. pics are not too good :( had to take them on my phone godammit. camera was on the lend blah blah, enough!!!!

VOILA >>>>>>>>>>>>

Monday, 17 January 2011

Droppin bags on em!!!

Ive neglected you and its been far to long, forgive me but things have been on my mind. :(
Anyway, I have a friend who is very dear to me and we had a huge argument just before New Years(me shouting down my phone ON THE STREET lol), that was dead, (as in just finished, if you see me dont chat to me kinda thing, not kiss & make-up) then..........yesterday it gets revived through something completely unrelated to our initial argument. so last night i was txting her to cuss, she phoned me to cuss, dead. then this morning she starts txting me again, then i txt her, all on a completely childish level cussing back and forth like 15 year old's. lol and to be honest the kind of bullshit we were both coming out with was so dumb its shameful to repeat any of it and I wont. It was straight up hood rattish and now I can see that. lmao
Anyway, after going back and forth for hours SHE took the higher ground and started to act her age, I then followed suit and we eventually sorted it out.
A lot of nasty things were said by both of us, violence was threatened,  we went waaaaaay out there, we drew for each others weak spots and it wasn't a great experience overall but I must say that it was a learning experience and a half, I learnt too much to even list here. lol
I cant just get so angry that im not even thinking about how im acting or what im saying, getting pulled into a game of tit for tat, im better than that, and I have to take more care of what I say, how I say things and when I say things. I mean its not always appropriate is it??? Sometimes I can just shut up and let my mouth rest, especially when the issue to start with isn't a big deal anyway :O or just for a change, I dont have to always have something to say.
When you get into an argument with someone you really care for its more intense, especially when neither of you are really listening, your both being so stubborn it just gets worse and worse cos you both wanna  sort it out and talk again but neither of you wants to be the bigger person. I also think one of the main problems as well is that me and my friend are both Gemini's and boy can we be self righteous, stubborn and plain disrespectful when we feel like we've been wronged..
This whole thing has been a hell of a ride, im just glad im off, me and my girl were like two possessed pitbulls in a cage it was a maaaaaadnesss, I feel sorry for our boyfriends who had to deal with us at the time. :s
Its astounding how people can act when they're unconscious, fast asleep. lol
So, its in the past now, were both feeling much more happier, brighter and lighter now we've dropped those pointless bags we were carrying around and its just another lesson of life, you should try letting go of a bag or two, it feels amazing x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Legacy of A Soul Sister *Teena Marie* (1956-2010)

Mon 10th Jan saw a host of stars coming out to show their respect for the late great Soul singer Teena Marie who sadly passed away last month at the age of 54.
A private memorial service was held at LA's Forest Lawn Memorial Park and those in attendance included Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Shirley Murdoch, & Stevie Wonder.
Revered by many in the Soul circuit Teena Marie (born Mary Christine Brockert) made her mark in more ways than one, releasing 13 studio albums in her 30 year career, receiving a Pioneer Award from the Rhythm & Blues Foundation and winning a landmark case against Motown Records in 1982.
Her first album was released without her picture on the cover, a strategic move for Motown who didn't want people to know that she was white.
Signed to Motown in 1976 at the age of 19 she released 4 albums with them until 1982 when she got into a 2 year legal battle with them regarding the release of her material and particulars of her contract.
when she wanted to leave them. Motown sued her but a Californian court ruled in her favour  resulting  in "The Brockert Initiative" which made it illegal for a record label to keep an artist under contract whilst holding unreleased material.
Her fight for justice resonates within the music industry up until today, protecting artists and giving them the respect they deserve.
So not only was Teena Marie the first white artist to score on the R&B charts but she also paved the way for all the other artists that followed and we mustn't forget that.
I for one grew up with my mum blasting out big tunes like "Square Biz", "Oh la la la" & "It must be Magic" so much that I had to recognise good music!!!!!
However you wanna look at it this Iconic figure was an amazing artist  and her legacy will live on forever.

R.I.P. Teena Marie x

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